This page will list all known errata for Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics: An Introduction, by Warren Ewens and Gregory Grant.

Page 51 line 11 from the bottom, "of" missing before "its".
Page 81 line 3 from the bottom, missing closed parenthesis.
Page 251 remove "dx" from equation (1.54) and the unumbered equation above it.
Page 272 line 3, change E(|x-mu|) to E(|X-mu|) and change N(mu,sigma) to N(mu,sigma2)
Page 331 in equation (1.74), change "Y" to "X".
Page 461 third sentence of the last paragraph before Section 1.15 should be changed to "In Section 8.5.1 we discuss the question of how much accumulated support is needed to reasonably decide between two values of a binomial parameter, and in Section 9.6 we will discuss accumulated support in the context of a BLAST procedure."
Page 512 In Problem 1.5, delete "where r is any positive integer less than or equal to n."
Page 674 The formulae for the density function of X2 immediately following (2.35) are wrong. Should be (1+x2) for -1<x2<0 and (1-x2) for 0<x2<1
Page 752 In (2.67), integral should be over R.
Page 991 four lines below equation (2.158), "X1, X2,...,Xn" should be "X(1), X(2), ..., X(n)."
Page 1012 problem 2.2, replace "following equation (1.88)" with "of problem 1.28."
Page 1111 line 3, there should be a closing parenthesis after theta0
Page 1211 line 7 from the bottom, delete "the".
Page 1222 delete comma in numerator of equation (3.30).
Page 1362 line 4 from the bottom "We can this a ..." should be "We call this a ...".
Page 1402 wrongly aligned entry in matrix (4.28).
Page 1482 Slessinger reference was accidentally left out of the referneces list on page 459 (see Page 459 errata entry for actual reference).
Page 1492 3rd paragraph (starting "The mean proportion...") first sentence, change "contig" to "fragment" twice (once plural and once singular).
Page 1502 equation before (5.2), elambda in the denominator should be ea.
Page 1514 5 lines below (5.3). 1993 should be 1998
Page 1534 unnumbered equation after (5.4). "(2z-a)" should be "(2L-z)".
Page 1732 Third line of text from the bottom in "that it arises at site n-1 as one of the recurrences" n-1 should be n-2
Page 1742 line 8 of the paragraph below (5.46) "counted occurrences" should be "recurrences".
Page 1794 problem 5.7. Replace "N=5, N=6" by "N=4, N=5".
Page 2042 last line, "three" should be "nine".
Page 2072 Figure 6.3, trees are labeled as shown here.
Page 2331 line 12, delete comma after the "follows".
Page 2422 Equation (8.11). The 2 in the denominator should not be there.
Page 2492 5 lines below equation (8.42), change "C" to "K".
Page 2581 third equation, left-hand side, the leading "2" should not be there.
Page 2711 second from last line, "off" should be "of".
Page 2992 line 4 and 5, "likelihood ratios" should be "logarithms of likelihood ratios".
Page 3212 line 12, delete comma after "case".
Page 3302 Last paragraph. It should be pointed out that the Beta's are not supposed to be used to solve (11.3). They will be needed in (11.16) and that is why they are solved for here. No relation to (11.3) should be made.
Page 3312 Equation (11.8). The "T" should be a "t".
Page 3382 line 5, d4 should be d5.
Page 3511 three lines above equation (12.3), delete "of".
Page 3522 line 14, add "to" after "wishes".
Page 3521 line 14, change "interval for theta" to "interval for some parameter theta".
Page 3532 line 3 below equation (12.6), change "the data come from" to "theta-cap has".
Page 3552 line 4, change "show" to "claim".
Page 3602 line 10, change "8 choose 4" to "16 choose 8".
Page 3602 lines 29 and 30, replace "If significance ... and so on" by "The method for testing further genes is described by Dudoit et al. (2000)".
Page 3712 3rd line from the bottom, the last two components of l2 should have minus signs.
Page 3912 line 3 from the bottom, remove "not" after "cannot".
Page 3922 The description of the UPGMA algorithm is incorrect. It will be fixed in the third printing (Jan 2002). The correct version can be found on the web, see this page for example.
Page 4241 second line from the bottom, change "43" to "43".
Page 4292 in first displayed equation, the numerator on the right should be r(r-1)(r-2)...(r-k+1). I.e. there is a missing ellipsis.
Page 4471 line 6, should be "S2, the sum of the highest two normalized scores..."
Page 4522 line 7 from the bottom, "582" should be "682".
Page 4532 In Golub et al. reference, deleted comma after "Bloomfield" and inserted "and".
Page 4542 In Jukes/Cantor reference, deleted comma after "Cantor".
Page 4562 In Krogh et al., K. Hausler should be D. Haussler
Page 4572 In Press et al. reference, deleted comma after "Vetterling" and inserted "and".
Page 4592 Slessinger reference missing (referred to on page 148). Should be Schlessinger, D. (1990) "Yeast artificial chromosmomes: Tools for mapping and analysis of complex genomes." Trends in Genetics, Vol 6, pg 248-259.
Page 4632 Page 463, initial "I" added to "Dunham".
Page 4642 Hausler, K. should be Haussler, D.
1. Fixed in second printing (Aug. 2001).
2. To be fixed in third printing (Jan. 2002).
3. To be fixed in fourth printing (est. summer 2002).
4. To be fixed in second edition (est. fall 2004).
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Warren J. Ewens
Gregory R. Grant